A Sound Engineer

Are you looking for a sound engineer?

I’m happy to consider any audio-related project. Feel free to give me ring to talk over your needs or just to have a chat about audio stuff. I won’t charge you for advice.

Experienced in:

  • Live music
  • Theatre productions
  • Holiday entertainment
  • Corporate events
  • Studio Productions


  • BSc Creative Music & Sound Technology (-First)
  • BTEC National Diploma Music Technology (-Merit)

I’m a sound engineer in my thirties with seven years’ professional experience in the music industry under my belt and a lifetime of obsession with music. I’ve worked with a wide range of mics, mixers, lighting desks, projectors, stage equipment, both mechanical and electronic.

I grew up around and studied in Leeds. Submerged in its diverse music scene, I joined bands, created music, promoted events and got a National Diploma at the Leeds College of Music, and then a degree at Leeds Met in creative music and sound technology.

Over the years I have worked in events, theatre and corporate environments. This has been a great education about working as a team, whether it’s live sound, or working on a production, where you all depend on each other, and how you all work together to achieve that. I love doing live sound and getting it just right.

I am now based in Nottingham and am looking to get involved in the music scene here. I previously worked as a live sound engineer at the legendary Mr.Wolfs music venue and noodle bar in Bristol. I am also continuously working on projects in my studio: music production, recording, writing, editing, mixing and anything else where I can be messing about with sound.

I’ve spent a lifetime compulsively meddling in music production. Much of that time I was also playing in bands and performing solo live sets – from hip hop to folk to techno to rock. I get the performer’s perspective, and have the technical and artistic skills to make the performer sound their best. My approach is calm, methodical and open to new ideas. I’m happy when the band is happy.

“Ross puts the engine in engineer, a voracious pursuer of levels. He was easy to work with and wasn’t moody in the slightest, probably the two most important things for us, (after having a good pair of ears).”

Benny Sensus

“I know I’m biased, but Ross is the calmest person in the world. He exudes this field that makes everything calm and harmonious around him, and just quietly sorts things out.”

Sophia Collins, (Ross’s girlfriend)

Studio Equipment:

  • Maroon Audio MT-100 (Valve microphone)
  • Cockos Reaper (DAW)
  • Tannoy Reveal (Studio monitors)
  • Mackie Onyx 1220i (12 channel firewire multitrack recording mixer)
  • NI – Maschine (Hardware/software groove production)
  • Roland MC-505 (Hardware groove production)
  • Electribe Es-1 (Hardware sampler)
  • Electribe Er-1 (Hardware analogue drum machine)
  • Korg MS-20 (USB controller)
  • M-Audio Ozonic (MIDI controller keyboard & audio interface)



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