Anyone need a podcast polishing?

Recording on location for Tales from the Tweed project (Yes that's a baby)

I had this idea the other day when we were driving back home from Scotland. We were listening to some podcasts on parenting and although the content was really top quality the audio quality was not.

The only way it was intelligible over the noise of the car engine was to turn the treble right up, which also amplified pops, clicks and cracks. I was always turning the volume up and down because the recording was either too quiet or too loud. As an audio buff this frustrated me because I knew I could make it sound better. This got me thinking…

With a few tweaks and techniques I could really improve the quality of these recordings. I could make them intelligible and add a professional sheen to the podcast for a reasonable cost.
So, I wondered if anyone wants a podcast mastering service?

Podcasters, bloggers, teachers, lecturers, whoever you are please let me know your thoughts.

How do feel about your podcasts at the moment? Are you happy with how they sound?

If not then would you pay for a service to make them sound better? If so what do you think is a reasonable price?

What kind of turnaround would you be after?

How would you like to send me the audio file and what bit-depth and format do you prefer?

Anything else you think I could do to improve your podcast?


Comments will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.


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