Reaper Template for NI Maschine

Hey guys,

I’ve been very organised recently and meticulously made a Reaper template for NI Mashine that I thought I would share with you.

Its basically set up so you can record any audio you do live on Maschine straight into audio tracks in Reaper. Its like the Ableton Arrange window but for Maschine. You can record performances on the fly or just use it for bouncing or mixing down  There are also ‘MIDI outs’ set up in case you want to record MIDI in Reaper too *Seemed like a good idea at the time*. I’ve tried to make it fairly minimal aesthetically and created some useful shortcuts on F7 (mixer) , F8 (Maschine) and F9 (Media Explorer) so that mouse use is minimal. (see screenshots below)

Let me know how this works out for you or if there could be improvements for the type of work flow you prefer etc. I have tested it out and it all works but not really worked with it so I would appreciate feedback. Have fun 😉

Note: Its all in 64bit BTW sorry if your a 32bitter

Download :





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