2015 update

With the summer finally here, things are really getting into full swing. I’ve been busy to say the least.

I’ve set up a bespoke audio mastering and repair service for anyone who wants to make a podcast. If your a new business and need help with the technical aspects of getting a professional sound, I’ll give your business a slick online presence by giving you a fully mastered sound. I also offer free advice if you want to do it yourself. Check it out now.

Audio mastering and repair service for podcasters

Audio mastering and repair service for podcasters

As well being a part time stay-at-home dad of my two year old son, I’m on the road to releasing my first track as an electronic music producer. Well fingers crossed there’ll be two tracks but I won’t spill the beans yet. Check out my soundcloud for a mish-mash of productions.

Rosski Soundcloud

Rosski Soundcloud

Oh yeah and there was Thailand, which was awesome, recorded some musicians, joined a drumming circle and camped in the jungle. Find a recording on my soundcloud page of the most awesome jam session I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in.

Well I’ll leave it there for now. Watch this space. ūüôā


Anyone need a podcast polishing?

Recording on location for Tales from the Tweed project (Yes that's a baby)

I had this idea the other day when we were driving back home from Scotland. We were listening to some podcasts on parenting and although the content was really top quality the audio quality was not.

The only way it was intelligible over the noise of the car engine was to turn the treble right up, which also amplified pops, clicks and cracks. I was always turning the volume up and down because the recording was either too quiet or too loud. As an audio buff this frustrated me because I knew I could make it sound better. This got me thinking…

With a few tweaks and techniques I could really improve the quality of these recordings. I could make them intelligible and add a professional sheen to the podcast for a reasonable cost.
So, I wondered if anyone wants a podcast mastering service?

Podcasters, bloggers, teachers, lecturers, whoever you are please let me know your thoughts.

How do feel about your podcasts at the moment? Are you happy with how they sound?

If not then would you pay for a service to make them sound better? If so what do you think is a reasonable price?

What kind of turnaround would you be after?

How would you like to send me the audio file and what bit-depth and format do you prefer?

Anything else you think I could do to improve your podcast?


Comments will be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Reaper Template for NI Maschine

Hey guys,

I’ve been very organised recently and meticulously made a Reaper template for NI Mashine that I thought I would share with you.

Its basically set up so you can record any audio you do live on Maschine straight into audio tracks in Reaper. Its like the Ableton Arrange window but for Maschine. You can record performances on the fly or just use it for bouncing or mixing down ¬†There are also ‘MIDI outs’¬†set up¬†in case¬†you want to record MIDI in Reaper too *Seemed like a good idea at the time*. I’ve tried to make it fairly minimal¬†aesthetically¬†and created some useful shortcuts on F7 (mixer)¬†, F8 (Maschine) and F9 (Media Explorer) so that mouse use is minimal. (see screenshots below)

Let me know how this works out for you or if there could be improvements for the type of work flow you prefer etc. I have tested it out and it all works but not really worked with it so I would¬†appreciate¬†feedback. Have fun ūüėČ

Note: Its all in 64bit BTW sorry if your a 32bitter

Download :





Bristol to Nottingham and Tales from the River

Hi there, I’m just updating you on what’s been going on in the past few months with me. After moving away from Bristol in the back end of August I have been walking the River Trent working on a project called Tales from the River.¬†I have been creating an on-line audio journal of our daily trials and¬†tribulations for our blog (click the Tales from the River link to go see).

Poster for Tales from the River

Sophia Collins and I set off on our epic journey to walk the entire length of the river from source to sea and perform storytelling accompanied by music at various venues along the way. We were like medieval bards but with laptops and sound recorders.

Sophia and I

Mobile audio editing
Me, deeply engrossed in editing audio whilst having a cup of tea beside the canal

After months of planning and getting inspiration at the Edinburgh Fringe we set off on the 1st of September and completed our journey on the 21st. I am now based in Nottingham and I am excited about what I read in this article in the Guardian. The music scene seems to be at an exciting stage right now. So If any of you up-and-coming bands need a sound guy, then please get in touch, even if you just want to bend my ear about music and sound stuff I’d be more than happy to listen.